About. Paula Vélez. Bio.(english)

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Paula Velez is a Colombian visual and sound artist whose open source based practices involve the use of subversive sound-machines, scenography, video, etching and drawing, in order to address issues such as ecology, sustainable economy and urbanism.


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Graphic designer, media and video artist, vj, teacher, asistent director, super8 activist, musical and cultural projects management. She study cinema in Paris. Actually candidate at EGS  for the Master at the Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought (PACT). She was an active member for a few years of Aether9, a remote storytelling and media-art research group.
She like to play with home-made technologie even being aware that it could happen a terrible desaster or fire, but she trust her intuition.


Paula Velez is a Colombian visual and sound artist whose practices involve acoustic instruments, microphones, sound-machines, video, and illustration to address issues such as ecology, sustainable economy & urbanism. Her creative processes explore liminal spaces, creating temporary nomadic projects both autonomous & participatory. For example, community based projects such as Laborincondelmar. It apprehended the ecological realms through developing sustainable & social ecological practices to preserve the mangroves in the Caribbean Colombian coast. Projects such as Ark0, Terrik0lab, and OSWASH, are part of a body of research exploring the embedded relationship between Urbanism, and ecology, by the collective development of transversal & libertarian practices in different socio political contexts.
She has most recently focused on sound as it traverses the primary landscapes of her research in ecology, philosophy & sentience. Currently, she is interested in improvisation, sound as a form of energy circulating in the spaces between spaces. She is presently directing her first documentary.

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  1. Mario Moreno


    hola paula, yo estuve en el festival internacional de la Imagen 2008, y de verdad me gusto mucho el performance de Aether9 sobre caperucita Roja, igualmente tu duelo con Leo…queiro felicitarte..y tambien decirte que me intereso mucho el cuento de ser vj, me gustaria que siguieramos en contacto para que me vayas guiando poco a poco, bueno?…chao estamos hablando


  2. pinkblackpantera


    Me alegra que te haya gustado el performance. Me hubiera gustado hacer una presentación breve antes de empezarlo. Como hubo un retrazo con la hora de inicio tuve que precipitar el comienzo sin explicar, para los que no entendían, que el performance eran transmisiones en vivo desde varios paises además de nuestra transmisión de audio y video. Gracias por tu comentario. Y mucho ánimo para tus pesquizas en el ámito de la edición de video en vivo.



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