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170909.2018.02 Faire un Feu. Pre-prod shootings, video projections, résidence, théâtre & workshop

octubre 9, 2017 por


From August 2017 I’ve started to collaborate with a Théâter Company settle at Orléans that has proposed me to replace the videographer that made part of the first creative stages and had participated in the first residencies. Elise Truchard director with her Company Petite Nature where working on Jack London, ‘To built a fire’ shortstory […]

2014/05 Geneve Mapping Festival. Vj and led light’s mapping workshops

mayo 22, 2014 por


2014/05/22-30 Venue to Généve. Getting to know the lastest inventions for MadMapper and Modul8 softwares, new ideas, learning how to use some hardware for led mapping,other proposals. Still working with the GarageCUBE TEAM on technical support online in english/spanish/french.      

2014/04 Atelier Vj. Modul8 à l’Astrolab, Melun

abril 27, 2014 por


2014/04/25 Atelier de Vj et Son avec Modul8 à l’Astrolab, Melun. France. Invité par Angie Eng, Windup Media. Quelques images de machines à propos d’une histoire du Vjing. Qui étaient dans le keynote présenté pendant le workshop.

2012/09 Starting working with GarageCUBE Team : Modul8 and MadMapper creators

septiembre 1, 2012 por


I have starded working in September for the technical support departement. Basically online support in english, spanish and french. I went to Geneva to meet Boris after meeting Ilan at Bercy train station in Paris. I am glad to work with this Suisse company, interesting people. Days after I have meet another part of the […]

2007/06 A/V Set. El Suiche. 2007 con Mauricio Álvarez y Natalia Valencia

junio 18, 2007 por


post español EL SUICHE, sobre AGONO el 13 de junio 2007. Concert-video performance. Música: Mauricio Álvarez, Natalia Valencia. Visuales + sonido : Paula Vélez, Maria Hermelin. Las partes del concierto: 1.Obertura, 2.Pieza Doble, 3.Loma, 4.Monólogos, 5.Xochi y Pilli AGONO. Concierto completo (con un audio agregado de la cámara sobre la mesa) 2007_06_18 Concierto. AGONOS remasterizado […]