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2015/04 Impro sessions at home with Steve Jones

abril 1, 2015 por


[Still, I need to upload the sound edited versions, there are a few not on video and very good] At home, on April 1rst Playing music with Steve Jones. Version longue. (Steve’s GoPro) A shorter version. Improvisation for alto saxophone, iPad and tibetan bowl, with Paula Velez, and Steve Jones. Anuncios

2014/03 3rd World Waterwheel Day Symposium

marzo 23, 2014 por


I have collaborate with many people spread all over the world to prepare , to translate, to communicate, to choose in between all the proposals that answered the call for the 3rd World Water Day Symposium. (curator, facilitator, participation and collaboration) Suzon Fuks was the director of this project with the WaterWheel amazing Online plataform. […]

2013/11 CrisisRus- Festival VisionR. Le Générateur. Gentilly

noviembre 28, 2013 por


[english below] LAPTOPSRUS présente CRISISRUS APPEL OUVERT pour vos bannières, tweets et streams AV. Alertées par la crise économique prolongée telle qu’elle se manifeste en un Cacerolazo global (ce bruit global en doublage) de manifestations massives dans les rues avec pots et casseroles, nous lançons “NETWORK | RE: WORK” CrisisRus en 2013. Nous voulons […]

2013/09 Call Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014

septiembre 28, 2013 por


Collaborations, preparing the Symposium for 2014 WATER VIEWS CARING AND DARING CALL WATERWHEEL WORLD WATER DAY SYMPOSIUM 2014 WATER VIEWS CARING AND DARING 17- 22 March 2014held on the internet platform Waterwheel &  in 12 nodes in 5 continents Download info & guidelines Descargar información y directrices Téléchargez infos & directives To scientists, academics, artists, architects, urbanists, engineers, practitioners, […]

agosto 13, 2013 por


2013/05 Meeting Bricolabs’ call to Pixelache Festival. Facing North/Facing South

mayo 16, 2013 por


Pixelache Festival 2013: Facing North – Facing South. News Varied 9. May, 2013 15-19 May 2013 in Helsinki-Naissaare-Tallinn. Long trip to get there, mostly for waiting many hours at the scale in between. Paris-Frankfurt, I had to wait until very late to get the airplane to Helsinki. Here a few notes I founded in a […]

2013/04 derelict éléctronics. workshop with Ryan Jordan.

abril 28, 2013 por

0 TUNNEL CROSSING 22:30 – 24:00, avril 26, 2013 Hosted by Xavier Faltot of La Chambre à AIR – with Ilze Black , Shu Lea Cheang , Ryan Jordan , and xname underwater chat and streaming/screaming jam session on noise. catharsis.chaos. phantasmata and forest visions. Happenings in Paris ***Ryan Jordan (UK) holds Derelict […]