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2018/05/23-30 Continent Reproducing Motherhood L’Automàtica. Barcelona

mayo 30, 2018 por


2018 Reproducing Motherhood at l’Automàtica. Barcelona may 23-30   NABBA IN FRAGMENTS (download .pdf) more Photos: (click here)   rdngs (to read)

2018/01/27 collaboration to Shu Lea Cheang project UNBORN 9×0 Performance à la Gaité Lyrique

enero 27, 2018 por


Participación al desarrollo de la escritura sonora para la creación original de Shu Lea Cheang. UNBORN9x0. Con otros artistas sonoros usando de fuente de sonido las ondas ultrasonicas reflejadas por un cuerpo de una ficción de bebé fantasma, dichos sonidos ultrasónicos son transformados a frecuencias audibles por los humanos y transformadas por los artistas sonoros. […]

2017/09/09-2018/02 Faire un Feu. Pre-prod shootings, video projections, résidence, théâtre & workshop

octubre 9, 2017 por


From August 2017 I’ve started to collaborate with a Théâter Company settle at Orléans that has proposed me to replace the videographer that made part of the first creative stages and had participated in the first residencies. Elise Truchard director with her Company Petite Nature where working on Jack London, ‘To built a fire’ shortstory […]

2016/06/17/ Reading Friendships. Au Centre Culturel Suisse à Paris

junio 17, 2016 por


Continent.Continent Reading Groupe in Paris. Lectures at Centre Culturel Suisse. Reading Friendships, Paris   Description ‘Fraternité’ is inscribed across the architectures of Paris, a city that more than other European capitals of late has had its capacity to support committed companionship and sensitive acceptance brutally strained. As masculinising as it is militaristic, ‘fraternité’ remains one […]

2016/05/10 Festival Click_transmutation_base

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Comentarios desactivados en 2016/05/10 Festival Click_transmutation_base

Collaboration, residency for project at LadHyX Laboratoire hydrodinamique at L’École Polytechnique, Saclay, France. The project leaded by Aniara Rodado and Jean-Marc Chomaz, I was invited to create the sound for the performance and installation. Basic Transmutation made part as an installation and performance at Click Festival 2016 in Denmark, Helsingor. What I did for the […]

2015/04 Impro sessions at home with Steve Jones

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[Still, I need to upload the sound edited versions, there are a few not on video and very good] At home, on April 1rst Playing music with Steve Jones. Version longue. (Steve’s GoPro) A shorter version. Improvisation for alto saxophone, iPad and tibetan bowl, with Paula Velez, and Steve Jones.

2014/03 3rd World Waterwheel Day Symposium

marzo 23, 2014 por


I have collaborate with many people spread all over the world to prepare , to translate, to communicate, to choose in between all the proposals that answered the call for the 3rd World Water Day Symposium. (curator, facilitator, participation and collaboration) Suzon Fuks was the director of this project with the WaterWheel amazing Online plataform. […]

2014/03/20 Journée mondial de l’eau. Espace Mendès Lieu Multiple. Poitiers/FR

marzo 20, 2014 por


20 mars 2014 Working for a while in collaboration with Waterweel and Suzon Fuks, I have participated translating, and leading talks and workshop with kids during the Waterwheel Symposium in 2014 from Paris ans Poitiers, France. Waterwheel is an interactive, collaborative platform for sharing media, knowledge, ideas, performances and presentations about or inspired by […]

2013/11 CrisisRus- Festival VisionR. Le Générateur. Gentilly

noviembre 28, 2013 por


[english below] LAPTOPSRUS présente CRISISRUS APPEL OUVERT pour vos bannières, tweets et streams AV. Alertées par la crise économique prolongée telle qu’elle se manifeste en un Cacerolazo global (ce bruit global en doublage) de manifestations massives dans les rues avec pots et casseroles, nous lançons “NETWORK | RE: WORK” CrisisRus en 2013. Nous voulons […]

2013/09 Call Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014

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Collaborations, preparing the Symposium for 2014 WATER VIEWS CARING AND DARING CALL WATERWHEEL WORLD WATER DAY SYMPOSIUM 2014 WATER VIEWS CARING AND DARING 17- 22 March 2014held on the internet platform Waterwheel &  in 12 nodes in 5 continents Download info & guidelines Descargar información y directrices Téléchargez infos & directives To scientists, academics, artists, architects, urbanists, engineers, practitioners, […]

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2013/05 Meeting Bricolabs’ call to Pixelache Festival. Facing North/Facing South

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Pixelache Festival 2013: Facing North – Facing South. News Varied 9. May, 2013 15-19 May 2013 in Helsinki-Naissaare-Tallinn. Long trip to get there, mostly for waiting many hours at the scale in between. Paris-Frankfurt, I had to wait until very late to get the airplane to Helsinki. Here a few notes I founded in a […]

2013/04 derelict éléctronics. workshop with Ryan Jordan.

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0 TUNNEL CROSSING 22:30 – 24:00, avril 26, 2013 Hosted by Xavier Faltot of La Chambre à AIR – with Ilze Black , Shu Lea Cheang , Ryan Jordan , and xname underwater chat and streaming/screaming jam session on noise. catharsis.chaos. phantasmata and forest visions. Happenings in Paris ***Ryan Jordan (UK) holds Derelict […]

2013/03 Testing the last new REMOTE version of WJ-S.

marzo 19, 2013 por

0 WJ-S PERFOMANCES @ Galerie des Ecluses, Paris Mardi 19 mars 19:00-21:00 Galerie des Ecluses 13 Rue des Ecluses-Saint-Martin, Paris 75010, FRANCE REMOTE WJ-S APERO/DEMO @ Galerie des Ecluses, Paris 19/03/13 – 19h00 -21h00 13 rue des Ecluses-Saint-Martin, Paris 75010 (Metro Colonel Fabien) Ce week-end, des artistes du monde entier ont testé la nouvelle version […]

…..Aether9. Remote Realtime Storytelling Performance, UNBOX Festival 3.0. INDIA

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……………………Aether9…………………….. Remote Realtime Storytelling Performance ——————– 9.2.2013 ———————– -starting at 6 IST (Indian Standard Time) ——————–13:30 pm CET—————— ——————4 hours long——————— UNBOX Festival 3.0. Zorba, New Delhi INDIA Poetic Tech LIVE ROOM Aetherians in location: Vinny Bahgat (Set-up, coordination) Remote Aether performers : Cym (NL) Boris Kish (Belgium) Mari Keski-Korsu (Finland) Paula Vélez (FR) Aether9 transmision: […]

2012/11 MadMapper workshop. Berlin. Panke

noviembre 30, 2012 por


This fall I went to Berlin for this MadMapping workshop. Berlin, MadMapper. November -28-29. At Panke . Thank’s to Ilan and GarageCUBE. Thank you Frauke for inviting me to your home, I took a picture of your place.

2012/11 The Aether9 book now printed

noviembre 4, 2012 por


  Breaking news: the aether9 book is finally there: (posted in Aether9 announcements) The design work has been done by Gijs de Heij, Ludivine Loiseau, Pierre Marchand from Open Source Publishing (OSP), they did a great job. Available at Greyscale Press. The content is a massive rush through our archives – […]

2012/10 fluxus … Is This Thing On? Internet Radio Fluxus Scores

octubre 22, 2012 por


Is This Thing On? Basic FM / Or-bits Ten Internet Radio Fluxus Scores for Thomas Gokey, Ian Curry, Paul Boshears, Yoko Ono, Paula Velez, Hankil Ryu, Alison Knowles, Alejo Duque, Laura Harrington and Bernhard Garnicnig Jamie Allen 2012 after “Music for High Tower and Without Audience” by Nam June Paik for Alison Knowles commissioned by […]

2012/09 Starting working with GarageCUBE Team : Modul8 and MadMapper creators

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I have starded working in September for the technical support departement. Basically online support in english, spanish and french. I went to Geneva to meet Boris after meeting Ilan at Bercy train station in Paris. I am glad to work with this Suisse company, interesting people. Days after I have meet another part of the […]

2012/07 Apadoloup a hack&diy festival in France

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Collaboration on the planning for this festival, set up and building before the begining of the festival, during the summer. Two weeks on preparations and one week with full festival participants. Self sustanable Hack&DIY festival from 12 to 22th August 2012 in Pado, 06470 Beuil, Alpes Maritimes. France. 1600mt high. – Howling at the […]

2012/01 Trabajo de campo. Siguiendo la pista a Barefoot college

enero 4, 2012 por


english, español Sometimes it is very easy to loose credibility, ONG’s are weird. You never know what is behind. We followed the traces in a long journey of a project that was of our interest. Barefoot College seemed to be quiet exiting, they arrived to install, apparently, a water desalinisation system in a remote and […]

2011/03 MED – TUPV* – BOG …. protoboardVOL1

marzo 23, 2011 por


TUPV* (Trae Un (tu) proyector Video) – (si puedes) BYOB Medellín = TUPV (Trae Un (tu) proyector Video)] (spanish version) Soon, in Medellín, Colombia in mirror with Bogotá. Working together with the Spain Embassy (Bog), Casa Tres Patios (Med), LA AGENCIA (Bog) We propose this idea, to translate to spanish the BYOB. I think […]

GhostStudy. Amsterdam. April 21st, 2010

octubre 22, 2010 por


english In the frame of: IN THE EVIDENCE OF EXPERIENCE – 7 EVENINGS OF LIVE ART Location: Arti et Amicitiae (art-society) Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam A reenactment of the performance given at Videomedeja Festival, Novi Sad (December 2007). Here: watch and download the trailer. CAST: FRAME 1 Mari Keski-Korsu FI Judy Nylon USA Frame […]

LaptopsRus, Madrid. 4-10 juin 2010

junio 9, 2010 por


published in ARTE tv. France. Ready for Vj Women Meeting and Tournament. LAPTOPSRUS – MADRID DATES – June 4 to 6, 2010 Conferencias [La generación portátil en tiempo real] [Generation Laptop Real Time] Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Auditorio 200, Edificio Nouvel, Plaza del Emperador Carlos V, s/n, 28012 Madrid […]

2010/05 Montréal Aether9 Presentation

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english Date: May 25th, 2010 19:30 Montréal time Wednesday, the 26th of May 2010 1195 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6, Canada Société des arts technologiques [S.A.T.] CONTEXTUAL BACKGROUND for this AETHER9 presentation: Quartier des Spectacles / Café Cléopâtre / SAT Montréal’s downtown “entertainment district” (Quartier des Spactacles), has over the last 4 years taken […]

2010/05 (siete)TLón __Vj … uf :”! c[º=º]D … glup!

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Seven Vj sets in one night. At EAFIT university. Indie music festival. For the 50th anniversary in EAFIT. Open air. Multi-highdefinition tv screens. Weeks working on that. A heavy pre-production work. Catastrofe! there where tecnical problems with the video card linking my laptop with the screens. Very strange. Then a bad electrical manipulation burned my […]

Labo-rincondelmar. process.

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english post. Since 2005 I have beeing working in a place located in north colombian coast, at the caribean coast. Well, I do not pass all the year there, but I go around three times on the year. It started like a documentary that I’m still filming, but it becomes engagement. Now I’m thinking about […]

2009/10 Herbstradio, 99.1 Mhz . Aether9 broadcasting in Berlin.

octubre 28, 2009 por


aether9 broadcasting today at 7 pm from Berlin, on Herbstradio, 99.1 MHz UKW. Links:

2009/09 Rehersals for : The Last Theatre Show Ever… what a chaos!

septiembre 30, 2009 por


“or how to dismantle theatre by making an electro-digital instrument out of it.” Munich, Germany. On September 2009, I decide to join a call for a project working on this Theater experiment, transmiting audio from Medellín via skype. Where artist located in different places, dont knowing each other, where trying to built in 7 days […]

Not updated… since september 2008

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(-Organising-neverending-hardisksfull-) This was my first try making a blog. The idea was a place to make a archive about part of my work, but now I realise that first it is not very funny to read… anyway it is a good tool to let people take knoledge about what i’m doing. Well not really, I’m […]

ASEUM 2009. AETHER Manila Sextet. “Seasons in the Aether”

julio 25, 2009 por


Participation in: ASEUM 2009 Asia-Europe New Media Art Symposium day 2: July 22 For the official Aether Manila Sextet Performer’s Call time was 9pm Manila with official show start-time 10pm ManilaManila/Taipei/HK Wed 9:00 PM Participants were in a sponthaneus performance without scrip. In Manila, musicians played differents sets. Remote transmisions from: Los Angeles. USA Wed […]

When antennas convert love in space. AETHER9 Beirut. Lebanon

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english post Aether9 performance this time was in the frame of the Beirut Street Festival, as always, our performance was visible both online and on location (in Beirut: in the famous Hamra Street). Here is a rehersal video from the desktop screen. This time, we didn’t adapt a previously know text or myth or tale, […]

2008/08 Aether9 performance at Perte de Signal, Montreal. Streaming from Paris

agosto 28, 2008 por


Fourth iteration of the “Little Red Riding Hood” adaptation, premiered in April 2008 at Festival de la Imagen in Manizales, Colombia. Then at Mapping Festival (Suisse), and Tenderpixel Gallery (London). This posted video is about performance in Perte de Signal , Montreal. SUMMARY:The Little Red Riding Hood tale fragmented for a twenty first century mind, […]

2008/08 Eyes Need Sugar. With my dear friend Maxandorphan

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français/english post Je veux seulement poster quelques photos de deux soirées, avec mon ami Max, la premier fois que nous avons joué ensemble à été un peu catastrophique, c’était à l’occasion de la Fête de la Musique organisée para la Aliance Française à Medellín. On a eu des problèmes techniques, mais à la fin on […]

2008/07 Aether9 at Tender Pixel Gallery. London

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2008/07/31 Aether9 at Tender Pixel Gallery. London ((still videos to edit and upload. videos en cassette miniDV .sin capturar) Here a link to watch a short video.… Time: 22:30 London time (GMT+1) Event: London Short Film Festival Location: Tenderpixel Gallery, London (GB) // performance during the Experimental Shorts from the London Short Film Festival […]

Londres o Roma, Roma en Londres. SOUTHWARK LIDO.

julio 20, 2008 por


From Rome to London… connection. I have been participating in Rome, Eternal Tour Festival, with a story about a place call Rome during this summer. And the story was about a place in Medellín, an unexisting cinema theater that once was call Rome. During this trip I was all the time thinking about the idea […]

2008/07 Rebuilding Rome, todos los caminos llevan a…

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During the Festival Eternal Tour, the first edition of a scientific and artistic festival taking place from 3 to 13 july 2008. I could spend almost two weeks in Rome with my friend Lucy (League of the Imaginary Scientist) , Liz and her friend Carlota, and with my daugther. She was with me in this […]

2008/04/ Muestra Monotráfica de Media Art. Aether9. Festival Internacional de la Imagen en Manizales.

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(english and spanish post) Este post es un pequeño reporte sobre la participación de AETHER9 en el Festival Internacional de la Imagen de Manizales, en abril del 2008. En esta ocasión estuve a cargo de la organización de un workshop (taller) y de la parte en vivo del performance. La mayoría de las presentaciones de […]

2008/04/22 H333 (3=hibridación) 3 especies.

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__spanish and english post___ Vj´s Paula Vélez v.s Leo González H333 (3=hibridación) música. Gregorio Gómez a.k.a Gladkazuka El 18 de abril se cerró la Muestra de Arte Sonoro del Festival de la Imagen en el Teatro los Fundadores de Manizales. Tuvimos la felicidad de estar esa noche en ese teatro tan bonito haciéndo una presentación […]

AETHER9. Remote Performance.

octubre 30, 2007 por


english post Experience with the AETHER9 group has been pretty good specially because playing with sound, video and communication we meet from far places and construct somme ideas in the outer net space, virtual construction, virtual storytelling, different languages and the same inmaterial space to create in groupe. This is how it is explain in […]

2006/03 A Sick Sax. KCK @ the TR666 SERN 11. Feat. Paula Vlz Tenor Saxo

marzo 30, 2006 por


30 / 03 / 2006 Recording with my tenor saxophone before it was repaired, and being really, really sick. We have recorded for 5 hours. Then what I understood is that something happened and all the recording was erased by mistake, everything we have made. From 5 hours recordings there where only a few things […]

2004/10 HoneyLoveHateTogether video. Archivos Mayo.

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en français english español   HoneyLoveHateTogether. [Paula Vélez] 2004/2005 Archivos Mayo. Honey, honeymoon. Publication by Galerie Espai Zero1, Olot, España (2005). Exhibit at Festival Rojo Profundo Cinema Zombie edition, Colombo Americano and Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. Among other exihibitions.   Un peu d’histoire sur Archivos Mayo. En proceso de digitalización casero. Mario Posada […]

“Film”… video. Publish in ROJO ®miho

febrero 20, 2004 por


english post Original made in the frame of cinema studies by Maxime Collin, Yuki Kawamura, David Sauerwein, Paula Vélez Bravo, Vivien Yiu, Etienne Salançon, Samuel Perez. Paris, ESEC, 2002. Then published in a Special compilation. Video published with a group of artist on Rojo Miho Magazin. ®miho 19.02.2004 Limited edition issue formatted as CD-ROM and […]

Orange juice. 1996

mayo 7, 1996 por


47” Student animation, stopmotion exercise in 1996 with friend Sebastian Uribe. Kitchen is located in Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia.

urk. 1995

noviembre 7, 1995 por


URK. Stopmotion. Sound and video. Paula Vélez 1995. UPB. Studing Graphic desing. Medellín, Colombia

1993/11 Recorded saxophone in Emma Hoo LP

noviembre 27, 1993 por


A very very short moment playing saxo for this recording. This youtube link is the entired disc , both sides, I only play once at the minute 12′. Here it is: really … almost… nothing. But I have found it and I want it to keep the memory. Well, this blog is exacly for that […]