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Collaboration, residency for project at LadHyX Laboratoire hydrodinamique at L’École Polytechnique, Saclay, France.

The project leaded by Aniara Rodado and Jean-Marc Chomaz, I was invited to create the sound for the performance and installation. Basic Transmutation made part as an installation and performance at Click Festival 2016 in Denmark, Helsingor.

What I did for the sound was basically a live capture of twelve piezzo contact microphones, three hydrophones, all sounds mixed with a mixer console, using a few effects with a Boss loop station. I’ve also helped during months to repaire the broken piezzo microphones, to mount the whole installation, carring stones, helping thinking and building the structure with the choreographer.

This what I wrote about the motivations to collaborate with this project:

What make’s me being excited about this project it is precisely the possibility to explore the sound dimension associated with plants. Either through a process of chemical, mechanical and synesthesic translation. Or as exploratory approach of a territory where I am still grasping as it should be permanently when you dwell the interdisciplinary creative labyrinth, as it is for the great experience on improvised music.
Like a living system, the installation find it self in a particular fragile situation, with the laboratory glass boilers almost in balance, the organic hanging tubes containing fluids.
The eucalyptus scents on the room, tyni molecules filling the air, collapsing, waving into the soundscape, materialize somehow a in-between simultaneously with the immersive experience.

The idea of capturing somehow the smelling molecules on the air as a memory capsule open’s a possibility to research how to transfert or translate this material into sound.

Is it possible to get a sensation, through sound, similar to what air molecules emitted by plants make us perceive through the sens of smell?


Equipment we provide
P.A Mixer: a MACKIE PRO FX12V2 Mixer console.
A kit of hydrophones and contact microphones, with their cables
a RC-30 Loop Station

Equipment to be provided by the venue
P.A System: 2 fullrange stereo loudspeakers. It can be a compact self-powered two-way system. A subwoofer when available is greatly appreciated. Might be mounted on poles if required or hanging from the gridif any.
Amplification & speaker cables: according to the system
-A microphone type: Audio Tecnica ATM350 (no microphone stand needed)
It can also be possible a microphone type Sennheiser MD421II Dynamic Cardioid Microphone, or Shure SM81 LC. with this others. ( A microphone stand will be necessary in this case)
Electric power for sound
4 takes, 230V AC 50Hz , 16A each. All sound equipment should be on a different phase than the rest of the equipments to avoid any buzz / noise disturbances in the sound system.
(1) one for the Mackie PROFX 12v2 mixer console we have. (230 volts)
(1) one for the RC-30 Loop station. (230 volts)
(2) two others for the PAs and amplification accordingly


A clean level floor minimum 10x10m in size. The audience will be standing around, the closer the better.
It can be adapted to fit your own physical space. Please get in touch with the technical director on tha topic.
3 aquariums, hydrophones & microphones are connected to the sound artist’s audio set, installed on stage.
6 water pumps are connected straight to the dedicated electric mains box. Depending on the stage dimensions, one might need 1 (one) extension powercable 5m or more.
6 heating mantles are connected to the electric mains box. Depending on the stage dimensions, one might need 6 (six) extension powercables 5m or more.

Given the high number of cables lying on the floor and the proximity of the audience, extra attention should be given to their installation.

Transmutation de base. Elsinor. Click Festival. Denmark 2016 Transmutation de base. Elsinor. Click Festival. Denmark 2016

Transmutation de base. Elsinor. Click Festival. Denmark 2016 Transmutation de base. Elsinor. Click Festival. Denmark 2016


CLICK Festival 2016

Basic Transmutation – CLICK Festival 2016.

Helsingør (Elsinore)

Thanks to Susse Riber, Christina ‘Cibo’, Merryl, Aniara, Barbara, Jean-Marc,

Hotel Madam Sprunck- Helsingør.

Some photos from the interesting place I had the oportunity to visit during the residency months at l’École Polythécnique. I couldn’t help to not read and look everything around with a science fiction futuristic-pataphysic eye.

Bramstræde 5



Paul Vanouse. Click Festival. Denmark

Bleu Remix Yann Marussich. Click Festival. Denmark


Festival Click_transmutation_base

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