AETHER9. Remote Performance.

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Experience with the AETHER9 group has been pretty good specially because playing with sound, video and communication we meet from far places and construct somme ideas in the outer net space, virtual construction, virtual storytelling, different languages and the same inmaterial space to create in groupe.

This is how it is explain in the main AETHER web page:

Initiated in May 2007 during a workshop at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, Æther9 is a collaborative art project exploring the field of realtime video transmission.

Developed by an international group of visual artists and collectives working in 9 different locations (dissminated in Europe, North and South America) and communicating solely through the Internet, Æther9 intends to become a functional framework for collaborative video performance.

Æther Collective Geneva – Alan Bogana, Daphne Dornbierer,
Oheun Lee, Manuel Schmalstieg, Ariane Teodoridis (Geneva, CH)
Audrey Samson
(Rotterdam, NL)
Amirali Ghasemi
(Tehran, Iran)
Christiaan Cruz
(Yorba Linda, California, USA)
(Walkersdorf, Austria)
Alejandro Duque[k.0]_labplanktum
(Luzern, CH)
N3krozoft Group Brussels
Boris Kish, Chloé Cramer, Laure Deselys –
Nathalie Fougeras
Judy Nylon
Paula Vélez
(Medellin, Colombia)
The League of Imaginary (Los Angeles, USA)

Some screen photos from 3 performance: Genève (at Mapping Festival), Brussels (remote storytelling), and Rotterdam (WORM festival).

liberation aether


Live camera test from home.


Transmission tests from home.

Performance Mapping festival

Mapping Festival. Transmission from Sydney, Los Angeles, Medellín, Brussels, Geneva, France, California, Slovaky, Paris. 2007 spring.

Then MAAC galerie, remote storytelling. Brussels.


Time machine. To Brussels.

Here some screenshots taken from Medellín laptop to Rotterdam last performance.  This time the transmission from Medellín was a sond transmission.




Here other images taken by an internaute.

aether worm fest1aether worm fest2

At WORM FESTIVAL. 26 oct 2007. Photo taken by ASQUARE

AETHER9 project statement.pdf