ASEUM 2009. AETHER Manila Sextet. «Seasons in the Aether»

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Participation in:

ASEUM 2009

Asia-Europe New Media Art Symposium

day 2: July 22

For the official Aether Manila Sextet

Performer’s Call time was 9pm Manila with official show start-time 10pm

ManilaManila/Taipei/HK Wed 9:00 PM

Participants were in a sponthaneus performance without scrip. In Manila, musicians played differents sets. Remote transmisions from:

Los Angeles. USA Wed 6:00 AM *Medellin, Colombia Wed 8:00 AMNew York, USA Wed 9:00 AMBrussels, Belgium Wed 3:00 PM *Helsinki, Finland Wed 4:00PM *Sydney, Australia Wed 11:00 PM

Los vídeos de Vodpod ya no están disponibles.