2013/04 derelict éléctronics. workshop and concert with Ryan Jordan.

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22:30 – 24:00, avril 26, 2013

Hosted by Xavier Faltot of La Chambre à AIR –
with Ilze Black , Shu Lea Cheang , Ryan Jordan , and xname

underwater chat and streaming/screaming jam session on noise. catharsis.chaos. phantasmata and forest visions.

Happenings in Paris

***Ryan Jordan (UK) holds Derelict Electronics: Workshop 1: Amplification
on Sunday 28th Avril at 14.00 – 19.00

***Ryan Jordan and xname (UK) performing at La Miroiterie, Avril 30, 19:30- 23:00
location: La Miroiterie, 88 rue Ménilmontant, Paris 7

Participants: Diemo Schwarz, Paula Velez, Pedro Hermelin, Eleonora Oreggia.




noise. concert

Ryan Jordan workshop

Crystal Rock. Derelict Electronics

Ryan Jordan workshop

Ryan Jordan workshop

Ryan hands.

Ryan, Paula and Pedro

Ryan, Paula and Pedro

image. Shu-Lea Cheang

In this workshop we will use a mesh of point contacts connecting to chalcopyrite and iron pyrite to make crude amplifiers out of rocks. When an electric current is sent through the rocks sporadic noise bursts from the speakers. With some fine tuning these rocks begin to behave like microphones, amplifying howling feedback and detecting subtle scratches and disturbances in their surrounding environment. Occasionally the circuit exhibits visual output coinciding with the audible in the form of small sparks and minute explosions occurring where the copper point contacts meet the surface of the rock.

This crude amplifier is based on the Adams Crystal Amplifier 1933, a precursor to the modern transistor, one of the fundamental building blocks of today’s electronic and digital world.

Links / reference




History of the transistor

Computer-aided design of new wide bandgap semiconductors with chalcopyrite structure

The electrical resistivity of galena, pyrite, and chalcopyrite


Timeline of solar cells

Zinc oxide solar cells increase efficancy when vibrated by music

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