2013/05 Meeting Bricolabs’ call to Pixelache Festival. Facing North/Facing South

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bricolabs. Ferry to Helsinki

Pixelache Festival 2013: Facing North – Facing South.

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9. May, 2013

15-19 May 2013 in Helsinki-Naissaare-Tallinn.


Long trip to get there, mostly for waiting many hours at the scale in between. Paris-Frankfurt, I had to wait until very late to get the airplane to Helsinki.

Here a few notes I founded in a small agenda. I realized that at that time I was very sick but not knowing it. I only felt very tired every day.

Aterrizo en Frankfort…. escribir con los saltos del avión sobre la pista …… de…. aterrizaje…. serán varias horas en este a. e. r. o. p. u. e. .r. t. o.

at Frankfurt.

Dónde está el cuerpo? la mente. Buenas parecen estas sillas con espaldar inclinado y piernas levantadas que pusieron para los pasajeros. Debo tratar de reposar el cuerpo y recuperar la mente, muy cansada por haber dormido muy poco esta noche. Me da la impresión de viajar con mucho peso. Espero no haberme equivocado al traer tanto abrigo, pero creo que no debo subestimar el posible estado húmedo, frío y primaveral del clima finlandés. fin.landia.finis.terra. mar báltico. islas septentrionales. SeptSIETE. TRItres nales … ??¿ naL ? sept. ten. trio. na. le

7,10,3,o no va y viene.?¿?

llegaré a Helsinki a las 17:30… en bus desde el aeropuerto viajo 40 minutos hasta Sörnäinen





facing north facing south

notes on irc bricolabs chats. #new cartographies #non geographies #deep ruralities #resonance transcends #cartesian spatial/temporal limits

John Hopkins want’s to explore the word ‘resonance’: «Resonance allows the universe (or nay of its parts) to influence a human being» (Keptchak , 200 page 45)

#flows #discussion on a ferryboat #universe of networks #island archipielago #movement in contrast to permanent places #deep resonant networks #phrana #vibrations #internal #external

Then I write:

Deep resonance with a geographical location, a place, with an utopia that make’s me keep moving on.

Fragments of earth floating in a fluid. finisterrae cracking. bunch of cold earth . burning sand under barefoot walking to the shore. salt water full of fish and plastic bags. sailors, strong sailors naked into the water. frankfurt-helsinki freading another irc chat.

Where does north meet south? What does that sort of boundary setting really mean? What’s on that line?… Bronac.

It’s the point in which North meets South really a Where?… efeefe




Starting from Helsinki, this time the international PIxelache festival of new media and subcultures moves physically from North to South: besides the festival hometown, the program also proceeds in the Gulf of Finland, on the Naissaar island and in Tallinn. The topic for this year is Facing North – Facing South, which invites to elucidate on the binarity of the northern-southern geo political, economic and cultural viewpoints on a global and local level.

Pixelache logo

Pixelache logo

The festival starts on Wednesday, May 15 in Helsinki and the program lasts until Friday, comprising of seminars, workshops, walks and exhibitions taking place at various parts of the city. The main act of the Helsinki program is the artist and theorist Escher Tsai from the Taiwan University of Arts, who is researching the phenomena of open-source culture creation.


hemp bombs

tarkovski landscape

bricolabs' haiku


ferry boat to Tallinn. Estonia

The coming of the festival on the evening of May 17 across the gulf on a ship raises the long–discussed topic of Talsinki/Hellinn – can a comprehensive and symbiotic relationship be established between the two cities? Post-graduate of social studies Kristi Grišakov from Aalto University and the study center for city systems SPIN-Unit from the Estonian Academy of Arts share their vision of the city center and recent research in a mobile micro-conference.



Naissaaire Looduspark

Naissaaire Looduspark


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Camp Pixelache, or the micro-conference with open panel recitals is fulfilled at the concert hall of conductor Tõnu Kaljuste on Naissaar on 18-19 May. The main act on the island is Mary Mellor from Northumbria University (UK), who deals with the research and mapping of alternative, natural and feministic practices of economy.


organic cinema

Organic Cinema. Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques. Pixelache 2013 from paulavlz on Vimeo.




Biocultural Infusions, wet-labs. Improvising . I was going to moderate another discussion, there was a change at the last minute and I wasn’t prepare for that change. I didn’t knew at all what was it about and what was the work or discussions in between the invited people. So at the end I was a kind of improvised activity-performance related to the subject: the Smell of Bricolabs, golden triangle and educational models. Everything in between Brian Degger, James Wallbank and John Hopkins.