2006/03 A Sick Sax. KCK @ the TR666 SERN 11. Feat. Paula Vlz Tenor Saxo

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30 / 03 / 2006
Recording with my tenor saxophone before it was repaired, and being really, really sick.
We have recorded for 5 hours. Then what I understood is that something happened and all the recording was erased by mistake, everything we have made. From 5 hours recordings there where only a few things that where quiet good. So there only was a part that survived from that night at Opita’s appartement, downtown, Medellín.

Kck & the TR666



<<download full record (51.6 Mb)

«Junkie Sax»… 29 seconds sick.

A sick sax from paulavlz on Vimeo.

KCK @ the TR66 SERN 11. Feat. Paula Vlz Tenor saxophone. March 2006. Medellín Colombia