2008/07 Rebuilding Rome, todos los caminos llevan a…

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During the Festival Eternal Tour, the first edition of a scientific and artistic festival taking place from 3 to 13 july 2008. I could spend almost two weeks in Rome with my friend Lucy (League of the Imaginary Scientist) , Liz and her friend Carlota, and with my daugther.

She was with me in this trip where I was participating in the project JANUS BUS, with other people located in different places in the world that sent also a story about a place called ROME. We where like builders of a personal idea of ROME, knowing that a lot of places are called Rome and all the roads finish there.

Somethink about JANUS is in this link from wikipedia. Here The League and the psichogeographist Liz Kueneke taking some wine, delicius italian food and talking.

See the video in the bike road CLIC HERE.

This idea of Liz Kueneke and The League, was to build or re-build Rome based in The science of Metropolontology like they explain in their web page:


A Mobile Time Line of a Place called Rome. You Built it! CONSTRUISCI LA TUA ROMA!

«Rome’s Mobile Timeline is a foray into the psychogeographical properties of urban existence.  The project questions how the morphology and embedded meanings of place affect people’s psychological relationships to a particular place, and thus human behavior and the course of events, and vice versa.  Stories collected during the project will add to personal and collective understandings of Rome, modifying the city’s past.  The revised Rome is built on personal and shared experience…… Each of these stories adds to the repertoire of constantly changing mental constructions of Rome, a city that everyone holds within their mind».

So, «Rome is… an island in Indonesia, a garden in Wisconsin, a boat ride in Georgia, a nature reserve in Belium, a hiding place in Romania, a memory of romance in australia, a battle in sweden, an old theater in Colombia, a neighborhood in Mexico, a village where the prime minister of Lesotho lives, and a bike ride along the Tiber river».

Here some people hearing with headphones the story about rumania that I like a lot. Just clic here if you want to hear it :  (IN RUMANIAN. audio) (in ENGLISH. audio)

A map here of the Fiume Tevere. (Tiber River)

Here is the place associated with the story I’m telling, the one associated with «Teatro Roma» in Medellín (Colombia)

This graphism I found it in one of the walls at the side of the river shore. It is a nice surprise because i had write a story associating the disapear Roma Theater in Medellín with a specific part of the river shore without knowing the place. And it fix very well with the story that could be hear in a podcast I had linked in this post.

Just read something about  ROMULUS AND REMUS (HERE wikipedia French) and about LVPERCALIA (HERE wikipedia spanish)

Extract in english: «Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds… At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way…».

Read also about prostitution (HERE wikipedia french)

This are the recordings made for the story about Teatro Roma from Medellín, Colombia:

italian  l  audio: (do not know name of narrator). CLIC

To download and here all the audio podcast from the stories about ROME from another place call Rome in Indonesia, Belgium, Wisconsin, Georgia, Romania, Australia, Sweden, Mexico… etc.

CLIC IN HERE to go to the link ( AUDIO PODCAST to download).