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teatro los fundadores

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Vj´s Paula Vélez v.s Leo González
H333 (3=hibridación)
música. Gregorio Gómez a.k.a Gladkazuka

El 18 de abril se cerró la Muestra de Arte Sonoro del Festival de la Imagen en el Teatro los Fundadores de Manizales.

Tuvimos la felicidad de estar esa noche en ese teatro tan bonito haciéndo una presentación para cerrar el Festival.

La idea fué:

Dos artistas visuales, dos pantallas, se reúnen en un sólo espacio con un músico para cerrar la muestra de arte sonoro. Este es un duelo entre 3. La música debe buscar entablar un diálogo con la propuesta visual.

Esta idea se completaba con otra regla más, usar solo imágenes retroalimentación. Quiere decir que ninguno de los dos Vjs iba a usar imágenes pregrabadas. Sólo capturadas en simultánea durante la presentación.

Así que poco a poco, entre las dos pantallas debía establecerse un diálogo más o menos estable con un guión de frases improvisadas. El músico hacía la parte de la banda sonora.

Usamos un proyector super8 inicialmente con una película casera que capturábamos en un principio para tener material manipulable. También usamos imágenes de transmisiones en vivo de internet y cámaras web ubicadas en lugares remotos. Los textos los escribíamos en simultánea.

1. Tres mesas. (o disposición de duelo separado…tres esquinas. Tres puntos en el escenario. La mesa del músico de 2 metros de largo x 90 cm de altura x 40 de ancho. Para cada Vj una superficie de mínimo 1,20mt de largo.

2. Superficie para dos proyecciones simultáneas. (si el teatro tiene una pantalla de cine, esta se adaptará para dos proyecciones más pequeñas sobre ella). Nota. Se usará un tercer proyector super8mm.

3. Dos proyectores video.


Una mujer
de cabellos largos negros
con un gilet de lana
comiendo fromage blanc
directamente de un pote
grande a la cuchara
el pote deja ver
de manera clara la marca
una moto tipo vespa
se ve destartalada justo
detrás de la mujer.
Mujer joven, esparce detergente
en una bañera directamente de la caja
de carton
Saca una revista del bolsillo
un auto nuevo
sentado en una carreta
el jóven lee revistas de moda
pasan ganzos gallinas
un perro
Un auto
vasto paisaje llano
por una ruta irregular
un hombre
con un sombrero y chaqueta
pasa pateando un perro

en la casa

Dame la página
donde esta la muestra
de perfume

Aquí hay un link donde se puede ver algo de la grabación que quedó de la transmisión en vivo del concierto. Está un poco defectuosa, pero a medida que se avanza en el video se puede ver mejor. Hacer aquí CLIC.

Video streaming by Ustream

Do this project got to achieve something?
I always understood my work like a contininuity and inachieved movement of essay and not definitive efforts. The same search, maybe have been taking place for a while not arriving to meet my expectations enough to get the feeling of an accomplished work.
Anyway, the subject I could touch for this question is: Remake and/or the source of ideas. The transposition of ideas. How things can be represented, reconstituted, described, improvised, reproduced in a personal manner. Like if they where coming directly from my own esence, even if not in a complete matter or if other artist had explore similar subjects or have been confronted to the same realities.
So I need to speak more than about a project itself, about a process, a draft, that has produced three projects up to now and I have not finished with it yet.

After my studies in cinema I started playing in concerts like a Vj for a while, testing this medium of editing live images with musicians.
Later I came up with this idea of making an audiovisual proposal with no prepared rushes of video and working jointly with musicians.

In april 2008, closing a Festival (Muestra de arte sonoro, Festival de la Imagen, Manizales-Colombia) where I decided to leave a big place to improvisation, inviting other artist to interact in a duel, setting up a dispositive with this goal: another Vj and then a musician improvising based on images we will construct in situ.
So the idea was:
Two visual artist, not pre-registered video rushes using as surface two big screens joined side by side, like one only big projection divided in two.
A musician installed in the middle of the audience to improvise music, like musicians did in the silent movies times, as in a playground of a live electronic “simon says” music machine. Sound, as possible, synchronized with images or almost making interpretations based on images going on screens. Duel and dialogue between musicians and the two visual artists.

We agreed on a rule: to use only feedback images or re-feeding. This is, Vj’s couldn’t use, until the middle of the performance, any pre-registered video but picks captured simultaneously from the screening of a super8mm projector installed below the scene, showing an old 8 minutes homemovie.

The Vj’s were face to face, using cameras capturing directly into the laptops the images while they were projected to be edited live.

At the begining the screens were black. Only the Super8 projector on, the cameras capturing live fragments of this homemovie as a raw material.
A dialogue is progressively stablished between Vj’s using both screens. The interaction were improvised textlines, quotes from extracted from a quick view of Godard´s film “Les Carabiniers”.

This hybrid experiment ( H333 (3=hibridación)) was made two more times, but under the concept of Remake, with other musicians and structural variations. All this test, drafts, are scketches for a cinematographic and scenic Remake of “Les Carabiniers”.

Maybe this will stop in drafts, maybe it will be an achieved project.
The drafts:
2008/04/17 H333 (3=hibridación). Clausura de la “Muestra de arte Sonoro”. Teatro los Fundadores. Festival de la Imagen. Manizales.
2008/10/24. “THIS IS NOT A FILM. made- REMA(de)KE” Vj set and Live Set with [neuma]. At the event (VII Concurso y Muestra de Videos) “MEDELLÍN PARA VERTE MEJOR”. Parque Biblioteca Belén. Medellín
2008/12/8.-IX Santa Fé de Antioquia Film Festival Closure. A/V INTERVENTION. THIS IS NOT A FILM.made- REMA(de)KE Version2. Live simulacre from a instant movie. Music, Gladkazuka. Invited by the digital press EXTRAVISMOS.

About this experience and how I see the outcome of the first draft I described I think it is necessary to make rehersals and not work directly without them. Even if I belive in spontaneous performances, improvisation, I think is definitive to understand before in a practice the whole performance, not to be so confident with only the theory and make some test before being in front of an audience.
I have mixted fellings about this because in a way, without making rehersals, the three performances where exacly that. They where public attempts, and I find this interesting because it exposes a gesture but perhaps, at the end could be perceived just like a pure exhibition without poetry, just simple “technical exploit” of juggling clowns. I don’t know, maybe it could be.
Anyway, what matters a lot for me and what I pay special atention is to the process. Always there is a repetitive research in mostly all of my works, until I find a kind of sign, finding perhaps something then arriving to change the subject. The developpement of ideas during a live performance, a suite of thougts following paths, improvising using structures stimulate me in a particular way.