aether9 residency in Berlin

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Æther9 an experiment in collaborative realtime storytelling
gathering souls in a dramatically online fashion.
BERLIN will host a physical reunion,
a séance,
a workshop,
a conspiracy, a residency, and eventually a performance.

Los vídeos de Vodpod ya no están disponibles.

Here, a screen recording of aether9 live on Herbstradio, Berlin
aether9 broadcasting today at 7 pm from Berlin, on Herbstradio, 99.1 MHz UKW.

rupert goldsworthy gallery is premiering an ether-real performance born
from the group’s residency at _____-micro research [berlin]. Æther9’s
members will at last meet in physical space
to redefine
evolution of the project, develop technical applications, and re-
experiment with nu ideas which will explore the scenographic potential
of the medium.
Based on principles of distributed authorship
cross-platform and ‘remote’ performance enabling streaming of audio and
visual material to a nomadic HTML interface. From vastly separated
sources, the live performances and video streams will take you to ‘the
unexpected’, a hyperdrive through space and inner inter-zones.
The pumping heart of the Æther9 project is
the desire to fulfill
the “old“ utopian dream of
borderless communication.
No frontiers.
Developed by a group of international visual artists/collectives
working across locations from Asia, Europe, to North and South America,
interacting primarily through the Internet, Æther9 is a matrix for
video/audio performance, and collaborative hybrids of post-dramatic
process particular to these new modes of digital communication.
Using both “new“ and “low-tech“ technologies within multi-disciplinary
art practices,
Æther9 aims
to break the boundaries
of spatial
and cultural distance
and democratize the artistic voice coming through communication
technology. The term of “reality-jamming” catches the effect generated
through this intimate – yet remote – collaborative exchange of live
sounds and images – fragmented glimpses of individual philosophical
positions and immediate surroundings – transiting across the global
network in one cross-planetary embrace. – Æther9 – _____-micro research [berlin]
alexandrinenstrasse 4  10969 berlin  tel: 015115841288 info@rupertgoldsworthy.comnetwork in one cross-planetary embrace.

aether9 berlin


aether9 residency in Berlin