2014/11 36DAYS NYC. Mini Opera

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36 days nyc mini opera


Paris 17H45-New York 19H

Limo, direction Arlington Hotel 25th street…”


36DAYS NYC is a mini-opera based on the diaries of dance music luminary Patrick Vidal.

It tells the story of Marie et les Garçons, four French punks landed in New York to record a disco album with the legendary Bob Blank.

Taking elements of Robert Ashley’s TV operas, John Zorn’s free improvisations and today’s mobile technologies, 36DAYS NYC is a place where no-wave, disco and electronic music collide.


Patrick Vidal – narrator

Ladybird – voice of the radio

Dom Wisniewski – prepared guitar

Paula Vélez – saxophone

Prisca Lobjoy – gopro

Steve Jones – xnythesizer + field recordings

04/11/2014 20H

Jesus Paradis

22 Cour des Petites Écuries

75010 Paris

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