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2014-11-29 autour du cercle 29/11/2014
36DaysNYC_03 04/11/2014
calavera_branlemamouth 15/08/2014
stills_video_water_inmanence 23/05/2014
Captura de pantalla 2014-03-17 a la(s) 13.35.02 23/03/2014
poster_control_blipTv 01/03/2014

2014/02 Ark0 version 0.1. Résidence with Oswash at Orléans

febrero 16, 2014


Captura de pantalla 2014-02-06 a la(s) 0.18.28

http://ark0.tumblr.com/ http://ark0.tumblr.com/ http://ark0.tumblr.com/ Concepts and frame of work for the residency: 1. Jean-Noel. Oswash. 2. Paula Vélez. Ark0 3. Rob van Kanenburg. Internet of Things 1. Jean Noel. What is the OSWASH project? The open source washing machine project aims to rethink the technological and sociological ways we wash clothes around  the world, in accordance […]


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